White Paper: Turning Neuroscience Data Into Insight



The modern research and industrial approach to neuroscience involves an increasingly vast assortment of data collection methods and data handling approaches. While data collection and accumulation are expanding, approaches to data management and insight gathering still fall short.

Readers of this white paper will learn how three major activities - 1) visualize, 2) collaborate, and 3) build - can massively expand an organization's ability to extract value from neuroscience data. By examining interface images and diagrams, the reader will become aware of the technological landscape available for this challenge.

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About MetaCell


We are a software company that puts neuroscience data online, creating compelling visual and collaborative experiences. Our software applications unlock the true value of neuroscience data and models, including microscopy and MRI images, EEG and electrophysiology data, computer simulations, and much more.

To discuss the content of the white paper, or to find out more about our team and the solutions we have to offer, please email info@metacell.us, or call [US] +1 (347) 878 3679 or [UK] +44 (0)74 475 40306.

Partners and Clients







"We are delighted to have found in MetaCell a developer with a very high level of professionalism, people who understand science and who are committed to the open source model. Their work has combined architectural rigour and good development practice with a healthy dose of visual flair. We certainly intend to work with them in the future."

Gregory Jefferis, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge


"We found MetaCell to be very professional partners. We drew up deliverables based both on our needs and what they could offer, and they delivered it according to the agreed timetable. We now have a working site with much improved data organisation and front end that we are now in the final stages of testing and soon hope to go live with."

Cahir O'Kane, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge


"Working with the team at MetaCell has been great for our project. They took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve with the Virtual Fly Brain system and the results are outstanding."

Douglas Armstrong, University of Edinburgh


"MetaCell have ensured our own staff are integrated into Geppetto's large open-source community ensuring sustainability well beyond the initial development."

Robbie Court, Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation, University of Edinburgh